Southern England - Interessengruppe für die FIGU-Mission

Southern England - Interest Group for the FIGU Mission

Southern England Interessengruppe für die FIGU-Mission (Southern England Interest group for the FIGU mission) is a group of persons interested in the study of the non-religious, non-racist Spiritual Teaching brought to Earth by the Nokodemion Spirit-form lineage, which now animates <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier. The Spiritual Teaching <teaching of the truth, teaching of the spirit, teaching of the life> is the most comprehensive teaching found on Earth whereby each and every human being can fathom life's true meaning, the true meaning of life in all its Creational forms.
With the extensive help, friendship and contact of the Plejaren, human beings from a star system 500 light years from Earth, <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier has written down the Spiritual Teaching one final time for the human beings on Earth so that love, peace, freedom and harmony may prevail accross the world and human beings finally know and recognise the truth of Creation and the true purpose of human life.

<Billy> Eduard Albert Meier was born on February 3, 1937 in Bülach, Switzerland. He was the second of seven children. His father was a shoemaker. Eduard Meier had his first "UFO" sighting - a very big silvery "disc" on June 2, 1942, together with his father. In the fall of 1942 he received his first telepathic contact by an extraterrestrial – a very strange experience for the young child. On November of the same year young Eduard had his first ride in an extraterrestrial spacecraft, together with a very old man, Sfath.
Sfath taught Eduard vast spiritual and material knowledge. Starting February 3, 1953, Asket, an extraterrestrial woman from the DAL Universe, took over from Sfath. For 11 years, under her guidance, Eduard made many long trips through Europe and Asia in order to learn and study many abilities and professions, and to prepare himself for his future mission of being a prophet, mediator and teacher. By way of time travel they visited the past and even met and spoke with Jmmanuel, who lived two thousand years ago. For another 11 years Eduard had to find his way without personal guidance from extraterrestrials. On August 3, 1965, in Iskenderun, Turkey, Eduard Meier lost his left arm in a car accident. On December 25, 1965, Eduard Meier met K.M. in Saloniki, Greece. Two months later they married. They travelled and lived in Turkey, Pakistan and India, to name but a few. On September 9, 1967, their daughter Gilgamesha was born in Quetta. Later, after returning to Switzerland, two sons were born: Atlantis-Sokrates (August 9, 1970) and Methusalem (October 31, 1973). January 28, 1975 was the official start of Billy's mission, when he first met Semjase, a woman from the Plejares.

To date (July 2015) there have been over 620 official contacts with extraterrestrials Semjase,Ptaah, Quetzal, Asket, Nera, Taljda, Menara, Pleija, Florena and others, 558 of which are published and copyrighted in the German language.
Our group, Southern England Interessengruppe für die FIGU-Mission, meet every second Saturday of each month in Luton, Southern England. The group meeting starts at 13:00 and a Spiritual Teaching study session takes place after the group meeting. The Southern England Interessengruppe für die FIGU-Mission is open to genuine interested persons to join in the group, FIGU members or non-members of FIGU. However we ask that you read the two articles Our Manifesto and FIGU in a Nutshell under the menu About FIGU located on this site, to have an understanding of what FIGU is and what FIGU members strive for.
For further information you can contact us and we will try to answer your questions or give you further information.

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