Southern England FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen

Southern England FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge

Southern England FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge

What is the Southern England FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen/Southern England FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge’?

The Southern England FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge is a group of like-minded individuals who meet on the second Saturday of each month in central Luton (about 15 minutes' walk from the train station). The group is open to anyone who has an interest in the information disseminated from the FIGU Mother center in Switzerland. The interest group, although approved by the FIGU Switzerland, has no official connection to FIGU Switzerland. As a group, we strive to learn from each other, study together for our individual and collective development and to promote the FIGU mission in England.

What happens at a meeting of the Southern England FIGU-Interest Group for Mission-Knowledge?

The meeting starts at 13.00 but it is advised to arrive 15 minutes or so before for introductions, greetings etc. From 13.00 to 15.00 group activities are discussed, this can include the organising of information stands, production of booklets, writings, articles, newsletters, website improvements etc. A 20-minute group meditation is carried out between 15.00 and 15.30. From 15.30 -17.30 a spiritual teaching study takes place, this involves the group reading, discussing and learning from one of Billy’s books together (currently we are studying 'Die Psyche'). No-one is forced to take part in any aspect of the meeting if they do not feel comfortable in doing so.

Can anyone attend?

Yes, anyone with an honest interest in the FIGU material can attend. However, it is advised that one, at least, reads and understands the FIGU booklets titled ‘FIGU in a nutshell’ and ‘Our manifesto’ which are available on the group’s website (and/or from one of our information stands). Please contact us if you would like any more information, have any questions or would like to attend a meeting.

What is FIGU Switzerland and what do they disseminate?

FIGU was founded in 1975 by a man called ‘Billy’ Eduard Albert Meier. FIGU is a German acronym for‘Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien’ which translated into English means ‘Free community of interests for border and spiritual sciences and ufological studies’. FIGU Switzerland disseminates books and writings, primarily by Billy, that cover a wide range of subjects that come under the title of border and spiritual science - in the FIGU itself this is normally referred to as ‘Geisteslehre’ or ‘spiritual teaching’ in English. The main objective of FIGU is to disseminate the spiritual teaching. The spiritual teaching that FIGU disseminates is directed on all creational and natural principles in every wise, as well as the creational laws that are to be regarded as counsels for following.


In addition to Billy’s writings, FIGU also disseminates the word for word transcripts of Billy’s conversations with various human being extraterrestrials from the Plejaren Federation. From January 1975, when Billy’s mission and contacts became ‘official’, to the present day over 670 personal or telepathic conversations have taken place, been recorded word for word and the contents published in ‘Copyrighted’ books. These books, known as the ‘Contact Notes or Contact Reports’ are available for anyone to buy in the German language, although many partial and full translations exist in many languages.

Is FIGU a religion, philosophy, cult or sect?

FIGU and it’s members do not believe in one god as the creator of the Universe and all life therein, nor do we believe in any messengers of some god, angels, saints or any other higher beings that would determine the fate of the world and all life, including that of human beings. Nor do we belong to any religious denomination. We only accept Creation as the highest form of all energy, might, and existence. As the Universal Consciousness, it is the existence of all Universal existence and an inherent element of the all-encompassing block of the Absolute Absolutum.

FIGU is not a religious nor a sectarian group, nor are we a political, military nor civil community group based upon any totalitarian and autocratic truth. Neither are we perfect in any way or all-knowing and for this reason, we cannot disseminate perfect teachings - many questions remain for which we have no answers. But we can disseminate the truth about the Creational-natural laws and recommendations with which we are familiar and for whose accuracy we can vouch. We state that it is the sole, pure truth for which everyone can search within and by themselves, in nature and one's surroundings everywhere and that everyone can experience and see it, provided the person is willing to look for and retrieve it. To this end, there exists no other truth than the one that actually exists. And it is this precise truth we advocate. This demonstrates that no one is forced or coerced into believing or embracing anything that he or she can not find out for him- or herself or recognise as the actual truth - completely under his or her own direction and with complete personal responsibility - without being prodded or pressured into believing or accepting anything.

Furthermore, we of FIGU have no guru, master or leader of a sect or the like who stands above other group members, respectively society members.

What is the FIGU Mission?

In 1953, Asket, an extraterrestrial human being from the Dal Universe, said to Billy:

“It will be your mission to clarify the actual truth of the creational-spiritual matters for Earth humanity, in order to bring them the path of peace, love, true knowledge and of wisdom in truth”.

To do this Billy founded FIGU. Slowly but surely FIGU Switzerland disseminates their information and teaching around the world. Only by individuals in different countries coming together and forming groups, to spread the information and teaching in their respective country, will FIGU continue to grow. To this end FIGU Switzerland only serves as an example and only offers guidance in the way of clarifications about the teaching so no confusion arises - religion is still very strongly rooted in Earth humanity.

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